Documentation Based Quality and Care from Finland



To be the market leader and strategic global partner in the overall management and prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders, including evaluation, prevention, and treatment.  


The physical symptoms provoked by the musculoskeletal system cause pain and discomfort for the individual as well as significant healthcare costs for society, insurance providers, and employers. According to a recent WHO report, back pain is the single most significant factor, around the world, affecting functional capacity and sick leave. In western countries back and neck pain cause 33% of all sick leaves and 20% of all doctor visits. A systematic approach to functional active rehabilitation is available in only a few healthcare markets.


The DBC concept combines fragmented medical research data into an applicable clinical approach, providing a systematic active treatment solution for patients with Back, Neck, Shoulder, and Knee problems. DBC Global provides Education, Treatment Protocols, Documentation Software and Active Treatment Devices; All of which is supported by the latest scientific evidence and DBC's ongoing Clinical Quality Assurance.


90% of patients benefit from DBC treatment (over 130,000 documented outcomes). A customer business case proves that DBC back treatment reduces the rate of back surgery and significantly reduces overall treatment cost. Case studies have shown decreased absenteeism and increased productivity with the implementation of DBC active treatment.


Our business is health. DBC is a Finnish Health Technology Company with an expertise focus on musculoskeletal treatment; Our goal is to provide sustainable health benefits for the patient by reducing pain, alleviating functional disturbances, eliminating unnecessary surgeries or other treatments, and improving the overall the quality of life.