The DBC Concept​​

  Active Training Devices

  • Training Devices (12)

  • Measurement Devices (2)

  • Initial Training and Education

  DBC Health Information System

  • Electronic treatment data collection  and patient management

  •  Treatment Process Support
  •   Quality Assurance Reporting

  Documentation Library

  • Treatment Outcome Database

  • DBC Protocols and Treatment Process Materials

  • Material Bank

  • Brand and Marketing Support

  Additional Services 

  • DBC Training and Education

  • Extended Reporting from the DBC Database

  • Interdisciplinary Treatment and Managed Care Models

  • Device Maintenance

  • ​Clinical Spatial Design
​Included in the ongoing DBC Maintenance Fee
​Included in the Initial Investment
DBC Health Information System​​
A new DBC Health mobile application can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

The DBC Health Professional Dashboard is the physiotherapist user interface for care path management, communication, and quality assurance data collection.

Reports to patients and doctors are done through the Professional Dashboard.

Additional reporting to insurers, and/or employers, will be provided on a request through the anonymous reporting database by DBC Global.

DBC Health includes a secure chat communication tool, with video chat features coming in the future.

DBC Health Information System is HIPAA and GPDR compliant.
DBC Health Information System: Mobile Application
DBC Licensed Products​​

  Documentation Library
  • Treatment Manuals

  • ​Back, Neck, Shoulder and Knee Concepts

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Approach

  • Medical Background

  • DBC Position Paper

  • Maintenance Manual for the DBC Devices

  • Exercises Library (DBC Health 2019)​

  DBC Health Information System
  • DBC Health App and Professional Dashboard

  • Care paths corresponding to the device investmen

  • ​Electronic Treatment Information Documentatio

  • ​Management tools of the treatment process

  • Customer Management and Communication System (chat)

  • ​Patient-specific treatment reports

  Support Package
  • Application for lead and screening

  • ​Customer Management tools

  • DBC Information Channel / Screen

  • Brand support for planning the clinic and business

  • Quality Assurance

  • Concept and development support

  Additional Services
  • Training and Education

  • ​Extended Reporting from the DBC Database

  • MCO Model

  • ​Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Model

  • Device Maintenance

  • Clinics spatial design

DBC Training Modules
DBC Initial Training - Back and Neck Treatment Concepts

Pre-training materials and test

Summary / Review - “Understanding DBC”
DBC Health Information System

Practical training 2-3 days
DBC Shoulder Concept

Pre-training materials and test
Practical training 1-2 days
DBC Knee Concept

Pre-training materials and test
Practical training 1-2 days

 DBC Back and Neck   Concept
 Lumbar Thoracic   Extension (LTE)

 Lumbar Thoracic Flexion   (LTF)

 Lumbar Thoracic Rotation   (LTR)

 Shoulder Blade Adduction   (SBA)

 Cervical Extension (CE)

 DBC Shoulder   Concept
 + Glenohumeral Rotation   (GHR)

 + Multi-purpose Low-     friction Unit (MLU)

 DBC  Knee Concept
 + Multi-purpose Leg Press   (MLP)

 + Multi-purpose Bench   (MPB)

 Extended DBC Devices
 Extended Back Concept   Devices:
 + Lumbar Thoracic lateral   Flexion (LTL)
 + EMG

 Extended Neck Concept   Devices:
 + Cervical 3D Rotation   (C3R)

 Extended Knee Concept   

 + Multi-purpose Low-   friction Unit (MLU knee)